issue-60 (15) Koya University conducted an intensive training course on pedagogy زانکۆى کۆیە خولى ڕاهێنانى پێداگۆجى دەکاتەوە

Koya University conducted an intensive training course on pedagogy for a selected number of the university academic staff, over a period of 7 days, from November the 5th _December the 17th, 2019. The course, delivered by Dr Bnar Ahmed, the director of PDAC, took place at the pedagogy and academic development center at the university. 

The course provided a comprehensive overview of essential skills and techniques of modern pedagogy. It covered the fundamentals of pedagogy as a science and art of education to develop an understanding of the relationship between pedagogic theories and applications. It concentrated on class management while identifying factors that lead to a student centered classroom. 

Many professionals on modern pedagogy from different universities and organizations participated in delivering the course, including Dr Karmand Hamad, the head of Pedagogical Training Program at MOH/KRG, Mr. Mohamad Murad, the director of PDAC at Raprin University, and Mr. Mahdi Mustafa, the director of PDAC at Soran University. The course was very lively, full of inspiring discussions and fascinating experiences of participants. For the final course assignment, the participants presented their student centered approach to be considered in their teaching.


زانکۆى کۆیە خولى راهێنانى پێداگۆجى بۆ ژمارەیەک لە مامۆستایانى زانکۆ دەکاتەوە 

خولەکە پێکهاتبوو لە 7 ڕۆژ لە 15/11ەوە تا 17/12 بە شێوەى ڕۆژێک لە هەفتەیەکدا.  
ئەم خولە لە لایەن د. بنار جەودەت أحمد بەڕێوەبەرى سەنتەرى پێداگۆجى بەرێوەچوو.