issue-60 (10) يەكەمين كۆنفرانسى هاوبەشى زانكۆى كۆيە و بەڕێوەبەرايەتیى پەروەردەى كۆيە بەڕێوە چوو.

A Joint Educational Conference by Koya University and the Koya Education Directorate (EFSD 2019)


On December 19, 2019, the first joint educational conference organized by Koya University and the Koya Education Directorate was held at Koya University, witnessing the presence of Alan Hama Saeed Salih, the Minister of Education. The conference was officiated with speeches by the Minister, Prof. Dr. Wali Mahmud Hamad, the vice-chancellor of Koya University, Shahen Othman, the Head of Koya Education, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haidar Lashkri, the head of the conference scientific committee delivered.

In the first session, both Mamosta Fazil Shawro, the author and retired teacher and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Mustafa Zada from Eastern Kurdistan presented their keynote speeches. Meanwhile, in the second session of the conference, the following researchers presented their research:

Prof. Dr. Solaf Faiq Muhamad (University of Sulaimani) 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdulsamad Ahmad Muhamad (University of Sulaimani) 

Dr. Naz Ahmad, Sdiq Aurahman, Suraya Ahmad (Sulaimani Training and Educational Development Institute)

Zaitun Hamad, Saifadin Hamad (Directorate of Koya Education)

Also, during the conference, some educational issues were addressed such as teaching issues and dilemmas and private schooling by lecturers of Koya University and some other universities across Kurdistan Region, and other teachers and educators from the Directorate of Koya Education and NGOs. 

The conference ended with the conference recommendations read by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haidar Lashkri, the deputy VC of Koya University the head of conference scientific committee. Before the closing of the conference, there was an award presentation to teachers and educators by the minister.

Providing valuable information, current research, and various topics on educational issues, this one-day national event brought together people of relevant field. Last, it was a unique chance to network with fellow researchers, teachers as well as educators.




ئيمڕۆ ١٩/ ١٢/ ٢٠١٩ بە ئامادەبوونى زۆر بەڕێز وەزيرى پەروەردە "مامۆستا ئالان حەمەسەعيد ساڵح" و بەڕێز پ.د. وەلى مەحمود حەمەد (سەرۆكى زانكۆى كۆيە)، يەكەمين پانێڵى كۆنفرانسى (پەروەردە بەردى بناغەى پێشكەوتنە) بەڕێوە چوو.  

شايەنى باسە سەرەتاى كۆنفرانسەكە بە وتارى هەر يەك لە بەڕێزان وەزيرى پەروەردە "مامۆستا ئالان حەمەسەعيد ساڵح"، بەڕێز پ.د. وەلى مەحمود حەمەد (سەرۆكى زانكۆى كۆيە)، مامۆستا شەهێن عوسمان عەباس (بەڕێوەبەرى پەروەردەى كۆيە) و پ.ى.د. حەيدەر لەشكرى (سەرۆكى ليژنەى زانستیى كۆنفرانس و ياريدەدەرى سەرۆكى زانكۆى كۆيە بۆ كاروبارى زانستى و خوێندنى باڵا) بەڕێوە چوو.

پانێڵى يەكەم لەلايەن م. فازيل شەوڕۆ (نوسەر و مامۆستاى خانەنشين) و پ.ى.د. ئيسماعيل مستەفا زادە (زانكۆى ورمێ – ئێران) پێشكەش كرا.


 ئامادەكردن: عەبدوڵڵا عوسمان عەلى

فۆتۆ: دڵشاد كاكەڕەش