A Delegation of Gazprom Neft Company Visited Koya University

News #03, Issue 54June 2019 | Núcey #03, Jhimarey 54, Mangí 06 Sallí 2019 | نوچەی 03، ژمارەى 54  مانگی 06 ساڵی 2019

On 26/02/2019 a delegation of Gazprom Neft Company visited Koya University.

At first, the delegation visited the faculty of engineering (FENG) of Koya University,d they welcomed by Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hasib the dean of FENG, the dean assistant, both the head of Oil Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments, and the teaching staff of both departments.


The Russian Gazprom Neft consisted of Airat Mizinova, the oil field manager in Garmian, Olga Labret, the Human resources manager and Olga Bolinkova, the practice and training manager.  

The bilateral work between Gazprom and G.H.L went on in a meeting in the FENG hall and the selection of training course for both staffs was discussed.


The delegation visited the FENG labs and the advanced tools in the labs surprised them.


Then the delegation went to visit Prof.Dr. Wali M. Hamad the president of Koya University. The president was very pleased for such visiting and contacts between the two parties for a better developing of their staffs.   


Dr. Soran the head of the oil department said” the Russian Gazprom Neft Company is a part of Russian Gazprom, which is the third producer of oil in Russia. Today they visited us to create a connection and cooperate with them.


He added, “We have sent students many times to this company for a summer training course, they had very good feedback and the company had a good opinion about them. They came today for how can we help them as Koya University to give hand to their local staff. Moreover, which program to be offered in training courses?


Airat, the oil Gazprom Neft Field manager in Garmian, said, “I would like to thank Koya University and the FENG for the nice hospitality. The key to our visit was to see the labs of FENG closely, to see the skills of the staff, and to know the styles of the courses in the field of oil and gas. It turns out that the University has a skilful and expert staff”

Airat said,” I have seen an advanced labs in this faculty and I hope that we can reach into an agreement with Koya University for bilateral work and to develop the skills of both sides”