Koya University and the Research and Training Academia in Britain signed a memorandum of understanding

News #02, Issue 54June 2019 | Núcey #02, Jhimarey 54, Mangí 06 Sallí 2019 | نوچەی 02، ژمارەى 54  مانگی 06 ساڵی 2019

Due to do joint work in the future, Koya University the Research and Training Academia in Britain signed a memorandum of understanding.


On 04/02/2019 in Physical Education School with the presence of school staff, Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad the president of Koya University and Dr. Wisam Al-Shekhli the president of the Research and Training Academia have signed a memorandum of understanding, which will be a helpful action to do bilateral activities between these two institutions in the future.


This academic deed referred to the aftermath of the joint international workshop entitled “Sports is a healthy lifestyle” ran in the school of Physical Education with the Research and Training Academia in Britain and Perugia University in Italy.