Meteorological and Environment workshop

News #01, Issue 39March 2018| Núcey #01, Jhimarey 39, Mangí 3 Sallí 2018 | نوچەی 01، ژمارەى 39  مانگی 3 ساڵی 2018

on 8 march 2018 a workshop was held on the Meteorological and Environment at Faculty of science and health .


The purposes of this Workshop 

1. Establishment of a special unit in the fields of meteorology and environment at the Faculty of Science and Health - Koya University.

2. Koya city, in general, and Koya University, in particular, is a mountainous area and such a unit is necessary.

3. Increasing attention in the fields of meteorology and environment.

4. Establishing a unit for collecting information and data for long and continuous periods of weather conditions and environment.


1. Achievement of scientific researches in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, environmental pollution... etc.

2. Providing students, researchers and interested parties in weather and environment data from this unit.

3. Construction and installation of renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly based on the data of this unit.

4. Forecasting weather conditions for this area.