nternational Workshop on Gas Flares

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International Workshop on Gas Flares: Application, Design, Operation and Emissions Monitoring, IWGF 2018

24th – 26th February 2018

About the Workshop

Gas flares provide for safe emergency release of purged or waste gases from refineries, unrecoverable gases from oil wells, blast furnaces gases, coke oven gases, and waste gases from chemical plants. Flares also process waste gases from sewage digesters, coal and bio-mass gasifiers and fertilizer plants. Gas flares safely dispose of vapor streams by “combusting” them under controlled conditions to minimize impact on nearby equipment or personnel while meeting environmental regulations and public relations requirements. 

Gas flaring in Russia, Iraq, and Iran represented approximately 39% of the 1,500 billion cubic meters of gas flared world-wide in 2016. The international workshop on gas flares (IWGF) workshop that will be held at Koya University is designed to provide information on flare design and operation with a focus on emissions monitoring and control in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, it is expected to attract a high number of Flare Engineers and Operators from oil and gas industry, Construction, HSE and Process Experts from over Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

Workshop Topics

§ Introduction to Flares: Assisted and non-assisted flares, Enclosed flares, Multi-Tip Ground flares.

§ Flare Tips, Stack Height, Gas Seal Design and Application.

§ Flare Specifications and Process Description.

§ Required Flare Stack Height for Radiation and Pollutant Emissions.

§ Flare Monitoring and Emissions Estimation.

§ Flare Plume Analysis for Atmospheric Conditions and their impact on Emissions.

§ Flare Safety Regulations for Emissions, Noise and Radiation.

§ Design and Control Strategies.

Main Speakers

§ Dr. Joseph D. Smith, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri USA.

§ Pat Keegan, Elevated Analytics/Air Stations, Tulsa USA.

§ Scot Smith, Zeeco, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA.

§ Robert Jackson, Elevated Analytics/Air Stations, Provo, Utah USA.

§ Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, Koya University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.


Registration :Standard 

Timelines :Until the workshop Dates 

USD :500 

Workshop Venue:

Koya University, Faculty of Engineering, Koya, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Contact: iwgf@koyauniversity.org