Koya University Teacher's research published in An International Journal

News #06, Issue 14Jan 2016 | Núcey #06, Jhimarey 14, Mangí 1 Sallí 2016 | نوچەی ٦، ژمارەى ١٤ مانگی 1 ساڵی 2016

Mr. Ribwar Kermanj Abdulrahman, a Koya University teacher at the Department of Chemical Engineering, has been able to produce biodiesel fuel from corn oil with his research team. His work has been based on practical experiment and the product meets world specifications This research has been published by the International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) as a high-level research.

Why biodiesel?

Referring to the topic of his research, Mr. Rebwar says "Non-renewable energy sources are being depleted on daily basis all over the world e.g. fossil fuels like crude oil and natural gas; in addition, the consumption of such fuels produce negative environmental impacts such as global warming resulting from greenhouse effect i.e. the rise in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere as a result of the increase of gases like Hydrogen Sulfate and carbon dioxide. There have been global attempts towards the exploitation of clean energy sources like the solar energy and biofuel. To this end, our team in the department of Chemical Engineering selected "The Production of Biodiesel from Corn Oil" as a topic for our research.

The abstract of the research:

Giving a summary of the content of his research, Mr. Ribwar says"Many of hydrocarbon reservoirs around the world are depleted every day. The using of fossil fuels cause several environmental problems and affects the human life. Indeed, it emits huge quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the environment that contribute to the global warming phenomenon. Therefore, energy companies and academic research centers around the world are investigating to find out a reliable renewable energy source for instance, biodiesel. Biodiesel can be considered a reliable fuel and has several advantages. For instance, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and it is a renewable energy source. Biodiesel can be produced from many sources for instance, vegetable oil. Corn oil can be considered a quite reliable source to produce biodiesel. Indeed, it can be produced in huge quantities in Iraqi Kurdistan region. Thus, this study is aimed to produce renewable biodiesel from corn oil by adopting transesterification reaction. Moreover, this work will be also applied process production optimization to find out the optimum operating conditions to produce biodiesel from the corn oil for example, catalyst amount and methanol to oil ratio. Moreover, laboratory tests for instance, specific gravity and cetane value have been applied for the produced biodiesel."

The research can be of great value to the sector of industry

With regard to the findings of his research, Mr Ribwar says," Biodiesel from the corn oil has been successfully produced by using transesterification reaction process. The produced biodiesel has been subjected to several laboratory tests for instance, viscosity and flash point." He further adds, "At present the research can be an opportunity for those who want to make investment in this field and we can help the investor in establishing a special refinery for biofuel. The research findings and recommendations can also be of great value to all those who work in the field of industry."

Mr. Ribwar's research is entitled "The Investigation of Utilizing Refined Corn Oil to Produce Biorenewable Fuel as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engine"

It is published by:
International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) – Volume 31 Number 3- January 2016

Personal information:
Ribwar Kermanj Abdulrahman
Academic title: Lecturer
Specialty: Natural gas/ Department of Chemical Engineering
Published researches: 22
Published books: 2
Conference papers: 6
He has been working as a lecturer at Koya University for 10 years. For more information click here.